Sometimes in a divorce your spouse beats you to the courthouse. We can help you as a Defendant to make sure that your rights are protected and you have your fair say in issues such as custody, visitation, child support, division of community property and debt, and spousal support. We will give you an overview of the contested divorce process which will make it seem less foreign and daunting.

If your spouse has had you served with a summons and complaint for divorce, it’s time to call LEGAL SELF HELP.

You must file an answer and counterclaim within 20 days of being served. An Answer and counterclaim states your position on the allegations (facts) stated in your spouse’s Complaint and, more importantly, outlines to your spouse and the Family Court what terms you propose as being fair and in the best interest of your child.

Come in for the free consultation so we can discuss your particular situation and circumstances. Typically in the consultation we cover contested divorce basics, your particular situation, and last, but not least, quote you a price and discuss payment options and plans. Unfortunately, an answer and counterclaim my not be the only document you will need to see your divorce through to the end, but we will give you a thorough overview of the process so you will have an idea of what to expect.

At this point you can go home and think about it or you can chose to get started. Once you decide to get started we will do an information intake so we have the information we will need to prepare your court documents. We will have the documents ready in 2 to 3 business days. You will come back to our office to review the documents with the family law paralegal who will explain them in detail and answer any questions you have before signing. Now we can sign and notarize the documents. The fees we quote you will include notary and court costs. Documents will be e-filed by us. You don’t need to do anything except give us information, sign the documents, and pay us.