child-custody-dolls-300x207We specialize in custody matters with the Las Vegas Family Court and can help you with uncontested and contested custody. We provide a free initial consultation to educate you about the process and answer your specific questions. We offer affordable prices and will give you a detailed quote so you understand where your money is going. We can provide full-service and do everything from preparing and notarizing documents to filing and assisting with court procedures. We also provide services of reviewing documents you have prepared yourself. We can check them for accuracy and compliance with court rules and procedures.

Come in for the free consultation so we can discuss your particular situation and circumstances. Typically in the consultation we cover custody basics, your particular situation, how to deal with the other parent during the process, and last, but not least, quote you a price and discuss payment options and plans.

Custody Basics:
If you and your child(ren) have lived in Nevada for more than six months, Nevada is the proper venue for your custody case. You must file a complaint for custody and then have the other parent served with a copy of the summons and complaint. Usually the complaint will outline what decisions you are proposed for the judge to make in your case regarding custody and visitation terms, amount of child support, and who will be responsible for carrying medical insurance and medical expenses for the child. Come in for a free and friendly consultation so we can educate you.

Court Process:
There are several steps to this process.

  1. File the Complaint for Custody (document which starts the custody action and outlines the terms you propose as being fair under the circumstances and in consideration of the applicable Nevada law) and have a Summons (document which gives notice to the other party that you are suing them for divorce) issued.
  2. Next the other parent must be personally served with the Summons and Complaint. He or she will then have 20 days to file a written response with the family court.

If the other parent does not file an answer, then we get a document called a default issued by the clerk of the court and set a Court Date with Master Calendar for you to appear in person before whichever judge your case is assigned to. You will go before a judge who will grant you the Decree of Custody in accordance with the terms you asked for in your Custody Complaint.

If the other parent does file an answer your custody case is now is now contested. Call us and set an appointment to discuss what comes next and what you need to do to move forward.

There are many more issues and complicating factors not touched on here. We strongly recommend the free consultation at which we can give personalized attention to you and your custody needs.

Your Particular Situation:
Just like the people going through them, no two custody cases are exactly alike. How long have you and the other parent been separated? Does the other parent have regular and frequent contact with the child? Is he or she already paying child support? Are there issues of domestic violence or drug and alcohol abuse?

At this point you can go home and think about it or you can chose to get started. Once you decide to get started we will do an information intake so we have the information we will need to prepare your court documents. We will have the documents ready in 2 to 3 business days. You will come back to our office to review the documents with the family law paralegal who will explain them in detail and answer any questions you have before signing. Now we can sign and notarize the documents. The fees we quote you will include notary and court costs. Documents will be e-filed by us. You don’t need to do anything except give us information, sign the documents, pay us, and go for one court appearance.