Estate Planning

estate-planningEveryone has an estate. From big to small we can help you make sure that the assets you have worked hard to get are protected and distributed to the ones you love.

We are prepared to talk to you and your family about your estate planning needs: no question or concern is too small! For example, do you know the difference between a will and a living trust? Do you know what happens to your property when you die?
You should know and we can help educate you.

A trust is a document that avoids probate. A trust permits real and personal property to be titled in the name of the trust. When you do a trust you no longer own the property you put into it. Any property transferred into the trust is now owned by “it”. You are the trustee of the trust and will have full use and enjoyment of the property for your lifetime. You will designate a successor trustee to take care of the property and carry out your wishes as to distribution of the estate. The probate process can be avoided completely through a properly funded trust.
There are many types of trusts but the most common is a living trust.

Our comprehensive living trust package includes:
A Certificate of Trust
Health Care Power of Attorney
Durable Power of Attorney
Pour-over will
Deed(s) to transfer real estate to trust

Come in for the free consultation so we can discuss your particular situation and circumstances. Typically in the consultation we cover estate planning basics, your particular situation, and last, but not least, quote you a price and discuss payment options and plans.

We strive for maximum benefits for a minimum price.